Control Panels

Control panels provide a method to reliably control ball valves, butterfly valves, and plugs by both pneumatic and hydraulic methods. Our control panels use high-quality


Valve actuators are selected based on several factors, including the torque required to operate the valve and the need for automatic actuation. Actuator types include

Plug Valves

Plug Valves are valves with a tapered or cylindrical plug that can be rotated inside the valve body to control flow. The plug, in this

Butterfly Valves

Italbest Triple Offset Valve is a new-generation high-end valve, has a 1/4 turn, metal-to-metal seal, “zero” leakage valve with anti-friction design that offers lower operating

HIPPS Valves

The High-Integrity Pressure Protection System, or HIPPS, is an instrumented safety system designed to prevent plant over-pressurization (onshore-offshore platforms). HIPPS interrupts the source of the

Multi-Way Valves

Multi-port valves make it possible to optimize the available space within a system by ensuring the functionality of a valve that can be connected to

Subsea Valves

Subsea valves are used to control flow through a subsea system. These types of valves are designed especially for oil and gas transportation and are

High Temperature Valves

Valves with metal seats are designed for abrasive type services or operations with temperatures that prohibit the use of an elastic material. The function of

Double Block and Bleed Valves

ItalBest Valve produces the most complete line of Double Block and Bleed valves, considered the best choice in terms of safety due to having two

Cryogenic Valves

The cryogenic valves produced by our company offer high quality that reflects our precision and know-how built on a long track record of achievement through

Trunnion Fully Welded Valves

The fully welded design of Fully Welded Valves eliminates potential leakage of fluid to the outside. As a main feature, these types of valves consist

Trunnion Side Entry Valves

Each body part is assembled by bolts for easy maintenance. This type of valve is suitable for high-pressure pipeline systems. The inner ball allows for