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Multiple Way Ball Valves

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Multiple Way Ball Valves

The multi-way valves allow to optimize the space available inside a plant, ensuring the functionality of a valve that can be connected to several pipings. The design of this thype of valve allows the directional exchange of flows, saving on the use of fittings, valves and pipes.
Our multi-way valves (3 or 4) can be configured with either T or L-shaped doors.

Diameters:from 1/4 to 24”
Class rating: from 150 to 2500
Temperature range:  -196 C° to +500 C°
Multiport Valves

Multiport Valves are used to menage the flow of different fluids form multiple wells. The valve consist of five or more input ways and two output ways. The input ones collect the fluid collect fluids coming from wells to the tests and the outlet ones present a path that conveys fluids collected to the production and a minor diameter path that collect fluid samples to be able to test them.

2 inch x 4 inch
3 inch x 6 inch
4 inch x 8 inch
4 inch x 10 inch
6 inch x 16 inch

The connections may vary based on to the costumer’s request, according to ASME/ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 e 2500.

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