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Floating Ball Valves

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Floating Ball Valves

Floating ball valves have spheres which float between two seats. The sphere blocks the passage of process medium’s flow once the pressure implemented towards one of the seats forces the valve to close.
That means that the ball is suspended between the two seats. This type of valves is suitable for small sizes and low-pressure applications. The principal advantage the floating ball valve is its simple structure and lightweight.
Floating ball valve seats are manufactured from a non-metallic materials, like PTFE, RPTFE, PEEK, DEVLON, NYLON, KEL-F.

Side entry ball valves are assembled laterally. Each part of the body is assembled by bolt for easy maintenance.

Diameters: from 1/4” to 8”
Class rating: from ASME 150 to 2500
Temperature range: -196 C° to +400 C°

Top-entry ball valves are assembled from the top. These valves are generally used for applications that do not require particularly complicated maintenance.

Diameters: from 1/2” to 6”
Class rating: from ASME 150 to 600
Temperature range: -196 C° to +400 C°

The valve body is threaded or welded directly to the closure. This allows for a high performance and competitively priced solution. This kind of valve can reach a maximum diameter of 4”. The closures include: Nipples, socket welded, butt welded, threaded female/male, etc. Diameters: from 1/4” to 4″ Class rating: from ASME 150 to 1500 According to ISO 17292: Class ASME 800 – 3000 to 6000 PSI Temperature range: -196 C° to +200 C°

Wafer ball valves are manufactured from a round bar in accordance with EN 12516.2; ASME B16.34; ISO 14313; EN 1092-1; EN 1759-1; ASME B16.5; ANSI B1.1. These valves are approved according to pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC and ATEX directive 94/9/EC.

Diameters:  from 1/4” to 8”
Class rating: from ASME 150 to 600
Temperature range:-196 C° to +400 C°

This kind of ball valves is used mainly as a draining mechanism to be installed on the bottom of vessels. The absence of any space between the ball and the connection flange ensures the complete drainage of all residual fluids. Diameters: from DN 10 to DN 150 Class rating: from ASME 150 to 600 Temperature range:-196 C° to +400 C°

ItalBest Valve offers a complete assortment of Fully Jacketed Ball Valves. This kind of valve is equipped with a jacket plate which covers the valve’s body from one flange to the other. 
The jackets assure consistent heating or cooling of the process medium to prevent its crystallization or blockage. This applies especially to media like bitumen and liquid sulfur. In addition, the efficient flow of the medium is ensured through the elimination of pockets. Steam can be used as a carrier to heat the transported media. All valves are re-tested once the jackets have been welded to the body, according to quality assurance requirements.

Diameters:  from 1/4” to 6”
Class rating: from ASME 150 to 600
Temperature range:-196 C° to +400 C°