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Butterfly Valves

Italbest Triple Offset Valve is a next generation high-end, quarter turn, metal to meal sealing, ero leakage valve with non-rubbing design which gives less operating torque and longer service life  and offers flow control solutions for a varied range of applications.

Offset 1:

First offset is between shaft plane and seat plane, which allows complete sealing contact around the seat.

Offset 2:

Second offset is a distance by which shaft is displaced from normal to the flow line axis, thereby giving camming effect and reduced rubbing rotation while operating the valve.

Offset 3:

The seal is a segment taken from cone where apex of the cone is offset (3rd) from the flow line axis, which eliminates rubbing completely.


Our Triple Offset Valves are API 609, ASME B16.10 and ISO 5752 certified and designed using the latest engineering software and tools like Creo for 3D CAD.

State-of-the art manufacturing technologies, modern quality management methods and competent ERP system ensure efficient production process resulting in consistent high-quality standard over large quantities of valves.


Diameters: from 3” to 130 and larger sizes”
Class rating: from ASME 150 to 2500
Temperature range: -196 C° to +815C°